SYF Scholarships Helping Students in Every Corner of the U.S.

“I am extremely privileged to have SYF as one of the angel investors in my post-secondary education.” –Lei Lily Tam, SYF Community Scholarship Recipient

SYF provides scholarships to students who live near every Simon mall in the United States. That means your donations are helping students all over the map.

Lei Lily Tam spent the first half of her life at a private international boarding school in China on a full scholarship. Tam says that this school provided her with the environment to grow up bilingually while her parents worked for a Chinese company. She later moved to Hawaii and began her time with the Moanalua school system, near Waikele Premium Outlets. Lei Lily graduated from Moanalua High School in Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this year. As a first-generation college student, Lei Lily has been accepted to the University of Southern California and will attend classes in the fall to study Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Despite all of her success as a student, one harsh reality that Lei Lily learned through living on the island was that students in Hawaii aren’t always connected with the continental U.S. In terms of programs; they are often not afforded the same opportunities as other students.

The same could be said about students in the state of Alaska. Amir Williams grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, but always dreamed about going out of state for college. This year, SYF and Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall  awarded a Simon Youth Community Scholarship to help her achieve that dream.

Amir will attend Kansas State University in the fall to study Engineering and Education. She hopes to serve as a role model to other girls who wish to pursue the STEM field of study.

Similarly, there are students in Puerto Rico who have been touched by Simon Youth Foundation as well. Priscilla Soler was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she developed a love for helping people. Priscilla was awarded a Simon Youth Foundation Community Scholarship by Plaza Carolina, which will help her reach her dreams of becoming a pharmacist. She will attend University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez to study Chemistry.

Simon Youth Foundation takes pride in the fact that our scholarships extend all over the country. In our 18-year history, SYF has awarded scholarships to students in 46 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. These scholarships have provided nearly $16 million to more than 14,000 students.

We have a great amount of diversity within our scholarship program. Out of more than 300 students selected for awards in 2016, we will have an SYF recipient at all 8 Ivy League Institutions, and more than 10 students attending Big Ten universities. There are also many SYF recipients at institutions all over the nation who are first generation college students.

With the help of many gracious SYF donors, Lei Lily, Amir, and many others can continue on their path toward higher education and a successful future regardless of their circumstances. Not only are we hoping to improve the lives of at-risk youth, but also relieve deserving students of financial uneasiness all over the nation.

After being involved with SYF, we hope these students and their families can inform other families of our mission—which will result in the growth of our organization and impact in years to come.

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